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Kay McCallum

Chili Cook-Off

01:00 PM

It's Chili time! We're going head to head, Men against Women!!!

Do you have a chili recipe that will crush the competition? On Saturday, February 24th at 1-3pm, you can put your chili to the test against other competitors to see who makes the best Chili at Coastal! You can sign up to enter the competition or to simply sign up to attend and enjoy some chili and cornbread!

Would you like to enter the "Farkle" competition? (Farkle is an easy, family friendly dice game. Instructions on how to play can be found HERE). 

When registering, click the button next to your name to register yourself. If you don't see your name, type it in the text box provided.

Registration closed on Saturday, February 24, 2024

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