Kelsey Hayes Student and Young Adults Assistant

The Student and Young Adults Assistant supports the Student Pastor and helps to grow connections and relationships within the Coastal Young Adults community; while working closely with our Missions Coordinator to maintaining great relationships with our mission partners and handling the logistics of trips and events.

Kelsey’s Story

I grew up in the church and as a 5-year-old, I just fell in love with the Sunday School version of God. During children's ministry one day, I "got saved" as much as I could. In the 8th grade, I went through Confirmation at church where I learned about the different denominations and their beliefs.  I recommitted my life to Christ and got baptized again. I went on four different missions trips to Guatemala and Nicaragua where I learned just how possible it was to be filled with the joy of the Lord amidst hardships. After I went through college at Regent University and graduated with an English secondary education degree, I started out my career in teaching. My husband and I felt God calling us to a new church where we found the community at Coastal.

I am married to Trevor and a dog mom to a senior dog, Teddy, and a puppy, Sprinkles. I love all things music, writing, and reading. I enjoy going out to eat and playing board games. Working with kids and teens, traveling for missions trips, and serving in the church are my favorite activities. 

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