Kimberlee Westlake Online Campus & Young Adults Pastor

The Online Campus Pastor has the privilege of leading and developing Coastal's online presence. This includes, building and developing the campus, finding creative ways to create community online and shepherding people toward a closer relationship with Jesus. When not working on online campus tasks, I also function as the assistant to our lead pastor. 


I was raised in the church and learned how to go through the motions of religion really well but I did not know much more than that! When I was in the 6th grade I finally understood my need for a personal relationship with Jesus. From that point on, I began to learn (and have continued to learn) how to develop that relationship through time spent in the word, in study, prayer, and in community with other believers. I continue to be in awe of His love for me and the grace that He shows me on a daily basis! I am thankful for the way our time at Coastal has grown our family spiritually and blessed us with a church family that we value greatly. I was baptized as an infant but chose to be baptized again as an adult as a symbol of my choice to follow Christ.

I grew up all over the United States but consider Colorado Springs to be my “hometown.” I joined the Navy in 2000 and met my husband very soon afterward! He has continued his Navy career while I have had the privilege of being a work from home mom for the last 15 years. I have played active roles in Family Readiness Groups for the Navy, PTA at the kids’ schools, women’s ministries at various duty stations, as well as building a home based business. 

I am married to David and mother to Ian, Isabelle, and Isaac. I love being creative, family game nights, traveling, cooking, the Denver Broncos, and time with my family and friends.

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