Trabelus Whitfield Next Steps Pastor

The Next Steps Pastor has the wonderful privilege of helping individuals identify where they are on their spiritual journey and what their next step might be. Whether it be joining a LIFE group, serving at the church, attending a class, or engaging in discipleship, the Next Steps Pastor is there to ensure that everyone continues to grow in their relationship with Christ and develop to spiritual maturity.

Trabelus’ Story

When I committed my life to Jesus Christ in October of 1995, I was a “good kid” at the age of 16 who realized that he needed a Savior. An amazing youth pastor by the name of Rafael Santiago shared the gospel with me, and I put my faith in Jesus Christ. From that point on I never looked back. I married my wife Joanne in March of 1998. We have 4 children. 

From the time I gave my heart to Christ until the summer of 2019 I’ve served the City of Virginia Beach as a Parks and Recreation Before and After School Childcare Provider, teacher assistant at Glenwood Elementary, Virginia Beach police officer for nine years, and started my career in pastoral ministry in 2012 as the Associate Pastor of First Assembly of God in Lyndhurst, Ohio. In 2016 I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Religion from Liberty University Online and I became the lead pastor of the Newburgh campus of Grace Community Church in Orange County, NY. In 2019, the Lord provided an opportunity for me to return to the city that I love and call home, serving right here at Coastal Community Church. 

I love to write and perform rap music. I enjoy board games (I’m a self-proclaimed board game geek), playing basketball, and I’m a gamer as well (video games). 

Lastly, and most importantly, how’s this for a list: I love Pretzel M&M’s, Crunch and Munch or Cracker Jack, NY Style Pizza, Nerds (the candy, but I like the people too), Chai Latte, the Denver Broncos, and anything my wife cooks. 

And if you didn’t know already, I also love Jesus.

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