Vinny Kraus Coffee Shop Manager


I grew up in Michigan and attended my first year of college at Oakland University. Shortly after my first year, my dad and I decided to follow a calling to Louisiana to help with hurricane relief and rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. We spent about 8 months there before receiving a job offer that would ultimately move my family to Virginia Beach! Since finding Coastal in 2007 I have served in a few different capacities including the production team and CSM (shoutout to Student Ministry!), and while my heart will always be with those ministries, I find myself in a new season of managing the Coffee Shop! 

I love The Coffee Shop, not just for it's ability to support a variety of missions, but also for the opportunities it creates for ministry to happen in authentic ways just based on the atmosphere it creates. Working at the Coffee Shop and helping mold it into what it is today has been a joy of mine and I look forward to serving here for years to come!

Outside of church, I can be found adventuring in any way possible. Camping is happy place, but I won't hesitate if you asked me to jump out of an airplane with you. Hiking, boating, exploring new cities all make the list as well!

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